Setting up

1. To start, remove the cap and dispense the fragrance oil in the the diffuser vessell.

2. Add cap back on to the vessell

3. For immediate scent, dip one end of the reeds in the fragrance, then carefully flip the reeds.


Care Instructions

-Wash Your Hands After Handling Or Changing Oils In Your Diffuser.

-Do Not Light The Reeds

-Rotate Your Reeds Every 3-4 Days To Revive The Scent

-Keep Your Diffuser Out Of Reach Of Children And Pets At All Times To Prevent Spillages

-Always Protect The Table Or Surface On Which The Diffuser Rests. 


Re-using the vessel

1. Gently rinse any remaining fragrance left in the container

2. Turn upside down and allow the container to completely dry.

3. Pour the new fragrance in the vessell